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Sauna Sessions,
Teeth Whitening Services
and Beauty Services.
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Our Painted Post location offers 11 UV beds and 3 stand-up booths.

Our Mansfield location offers 3 UV beds and 2 stand-up booths.  

We o
ffer the VersaSpa Spray Booth at both locations
as well as BleachBright Cosmetic Teeth Whitening.  

Our Painted Post location doesn't stop there; we
offer the Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna by Sunlighten.  
Sweat out 7 times more toxins than in a traditional
sauna and the list goes on!

Our Aqua Massage Booth allows you to enjoy an invigorating

full body water massagewhile remaining fully clothed and dry.

We offer hair services for the whole family as well as pedicures for
beach ready toes!
Whether you vacation with us year round, or just want a few days at
the beach, we have a variety of tanning options to suit your needs.

Our Encore Club Memberships are loaded with“every day” member

benefits and start at just $25 per month.  With our easy month-to-
month auto pay and freeze options,
you’ll be basking in
savings all season long!